Enlivens & Inspires

 Julie's studies in Industrial Design + Fine Arts combined with her past experience of designing + decorating Boston Pizza Restaurants in Canada have given her the inspiration and ability to create innovative and totally unique pieces of art.

Julie's passion is to do what she was born to do - CREATE !  

She aims to bring a splash of joy, color + interest with each piece she creates. 

Her aspirations are that her art would inspire and uplift others who view it.

   "Embrace your passions; your gifts, and in turn they will become a gift to others".          


                                                                                                                            Julie Witten-Land

The Jalopy Collection, by Julie Witten-Land, is a unique photographic series that captures the raw beauty of aging cars and their colors; fused on exclusively designed ‘seasoned’ steel boxes – giving a modern-day view of old into new.

Each art image is photographed and each steel frame is constructed one at a time by Julie, making no two look alike. Curate a collection of these for a striking feature wall or simply place one on a shelf as a statement on its own.

(All Jalopy Pieces are 12" x 10" x 2.5")