The Jalopy Collection, by Julie Witten-Land, is a unique photographic series that captures the raw beauty of ageing cars and their colors; fused on exclusively designed ‘seasoned’ steel boxes – giving a modern-day view of old into new.

Each piece is photographed and constructed one at a time by Julie herself, making no two look alike. Curate a collection of these for a striking feature wall or simply place one on a shelf as a statement on its own.

The third collection is now for sale under the page 'Jalopy Collection'- 'Gallery 6' - even an old Fire truck (J-155)

Julie also does custom orders, designed and photographed specifically for you: your car, your colors, your size, your own. Just drop her an email and she'll send you her custom price list.

All pieces are Industrial Design Registered 2008-2014. All Rights Reserved to Julie Witten-Land

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