Julie’s view on design:
“As a designer the choices I make have the responsibility to protect and recover the environment while enhancing people's social well-being. Design should provide function, durability and aesthetics.
Though I believe, good design should possess a reflective and relational qualities to ensure it's permanence in our society -something a mass manufacturer can not provide; and so it is my passion to hand-craft designs of quality, detail and in limited editions; as to make each piece as unique and individual as it's buyer”.

To reduce waste while enlivening others spaces.

Julie’s studies in Industrial Design focused on innovative creation of ideas, products, services, and how they relate socially, culturally and environmentally to the end user. She thrives on creating new ‘never-be-seen-before’ art and design, and so her work has been published in periodical and papers such as: Notebook, Canadian Interiors, The Edmonton Journal, SUN, SEE and Calgary Swerve.
The Jalopy Collection was inspired by her childhood experiences of spending Saturday afternoons with her Dad (auto body mechanic) and rusty old cars.
The series was originally designed for a for a University project on 'Planned Obsolescence', but since then has found great success in salting people's spaces with liveliness and originality. Her art can be seen in private and public collections (S.C.A.C.) and sells in select boutiques/galleries across Western Canada.

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