My Name is Julie Witten-Land.  

I am an Industrial Designer and Artist working from my home studio in Ardrossan, Alberta. 

 (While my two young kids run in and out of my studio ALL the time).

I studied Fine Art at Grant MacEwan College & Industrial Design at the University of Alberta. 

Before this, I ran my own small commercial décor business decorating Boston

Pizza restaurants across Canada, this was super fun, but also very all consuming and non-family friendly.

So I decided to go back to school, and extend my ability to create innovative art and design that 'has-never-


I try to consider how each piece I create relates emotionally to the viewer. 

I want my art pieces to hold that special place in each owners heart.  An art piece that is made with a lot of love,

care and craftsmanship - so they cherish it for a long time.  My Aim is for each piece to connect with the viewer and bring them joy (past

memories of old cars they owned) or inspiration (though my original paintings and their hidden words of encouragement thoughout ).

And so it is my passion to hand-craft art & design of  quality, detail and in limited batches - as to make each piece as unique and individual as

its owner.

My passion is to do what God has naturally made me to do - create, enliven and  inspire ! 


 "I am most grateful for my creativity when I am sharing it . . . I hope you like it."                      

                                                                                                                        Julie Witten-Land 

Julie's art & design has been published in periodical and papers such as: Chatelaine, Notebook, Canadian Interiors Magazine,

The Edmonton Journal, SUN, SEE, The Examiner and Calgary Swerve and Magazine. 

Her art can be seen in permanent Art Collections (S.C.A.C) and can be purchased in exclusive arty boutiques and Galleries across

Western Canada.

Interview with Global Edmonton 2017


      Interview with Global T.V.

Why Automobiles?

Automobiles are more than simply a mode of transportation.

For many people, automobiles harbor special stories or mark major milestones,

often cultivating sacred relationships and cherished memories.

Automobiles can also lend people new found courage, confidence,

professionalism or even vocation.  Automobiles can be extensions

of who we are, or who we want to be.

And finally, automobiles epitomize superior design – much like a sculpture on wheels.

It's no wonder many people come to prize their vehicle with pride and fond affection.

And it's no wonder, that as an artist, Julie wanted to celebrate the automobile.

The Jalopy Collection, a photographic series by Julie Witten-Land,

attempts to embody the stories, the memories,

the emotions and the beauty in dazzling images.

Each image is captivating not only in vivid colors and strong compositions,

But also in the personal meaning that each one holds for the viewer.

Julie's  photos capture the uniqueness of each

automobile and its age; transforming decay into beauty – a noble and brilliant revival.

Some of my artist processes:


Colour Sketch

Sketch on Metal

Final Product