In Memory

Artist update as of March 26,2023

It has been a tough past two month as my children and I have grieved the loss of this Amazing Artist, Mother and Wife. For those of you who checked out her site would have seen that she was battling breast cancer for the past 2 years. Sadly on January 20,2024 she lost her battle with this terrible disease. She is now pain free and continuing her artistic talents in Heaven.

My wife Julie has a lot of amazing art pieces left that are still up for sale, BUT there are immediate family members that want to collect her pieces prior to me selling them to others.

I am just figuring out how to even manage this page and so people will need to be patient with me as I do not check her emails or this page very frequently.

I would suggest to all, to hold off on making any purchases at this time until I have all this sorted out. I will re-post when her pieces are back up for sale or if I decide to do a show in her memory.

Live painting For Autism Society

Edmonton Solo Exhibition 'Paintings with a Purpose'

Through my abstract paintings I hope to help the families struggling with extreme poverty as they make their living off a landfill in Gardenia Mexico. I also hope my paintings and the "salvaged objects" within them would serve as an awaken to be grateful for all we have here in Canada.

Please come to my Edmonton Art Show + SALE (FREE admission) and purchase one of these original painting. 50% of the sale will be donated back to these people.

Paintings with a Purpose:
A collection of paintings that aim to bring awareness and gratitude through incorporating salvaged objects from people who make their
livelihood off a Mexican landfill.
50% of sale proceeds will go back to the families who helped me collect the object
I used in each painting.

'Paintings with a Purpose'

@ The Peanut Gallery

(in John Fluevog's Calgary location- 207, Stephen Ave. S.W.)

August 12- October 7th, 2017

"A collection of paintings that aim to bring awareness and gratitude."

The salvaged objects were my technical inspiration throughout this collection; however, the awakening of gratitude through these objects is my overall desire.

My hope is that the viewer may engage in each piece as they search amidst the colors, details and brush strokes I have composed, and then to reflect upon the salvaged object that represents all the blessings one has in comparison to those across the world.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these paintings - click on the SHOP link above.

Thank you Julie

Julie Witten-Land

I understand......
I understand the unique nature of artwork and the desire to find the perfect piece for your home or business, and it can be a big investment for some people - I respect that. I offer you to try out my artwork at no obligation if you would like to see it in your space before making a decision. Just contact me so we can make an arrangement.

(Edmonton area only)

Custom art work - For the most Discerning Interiors

If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind piece with 'your' colors or 'your' car, please send me an email in my 'Contact Me' link and we can work together to make you the perfect art piece that represents only YOU!.