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    Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas

    20" x  30" x 1.5"

    This piece is part exploratory and part vulnerability.  As I transition into a different art medium then what I am used to (photography), I am excited, exhilarated and scared!  I absolutely LOVE painting abstracts, playing with color, composition, textures and different mediums - it ignites my soul as Photography once did!  Though with new challenges and struggles comes its fair share of discouragement, self-doubt and uncertainty. This painting has faintly written messages scattered within the layers, giving me a way to communicate with the viewer; words that I believe need to resound in ones heart.

    "Artistic talent is a gift from God and however discovers it in himself (herself) has a certain obligation to know that he (she) cannot waste his (her) talent, but must develop it".   Pope John Paul 2