• I Love You


    This Horse Collection is just the beginnings of a new found love.  After photographing jalopy cars for many years, I started to long for more interaction with

    my subject matter.  Most of these horses are professional race horses, so they were all very friendly allowing me to get up close and personal, this gave me

     the opportunity  to capture the more intimate and tender-hearted qualities of a horse. I hope each one speaks to you in their own way. 

    The one-of-a-kind metal formed framing is exclusively designed and handcrafted by Julie; giving a contemporary and unique aesthetic to each photograph.

    Each has its own Certificate of Authenticity, Name and Design Registration on back of frame. 

    Signed and numbered on front of frame.

    Size: 11" x 15" x 1.5" 

    Limited Editions of 37

    (looks great in groupings of 3 or more)