• J-158 'Ford Half-ton'- 1946-48


    The Jalopy Collection is a unique photographic series that captures the raw beauty of ageing cars and their colors; then fused onto 'seasoned' steel boxes - giving a modern day view of old into new.  Each piece is photographed, constructed and exclusively designed by Industrial Designer Julie Witten-Land, making no two look alike.  Curate a collection of these for a striking feature wall or simply place one on a shelf as a statement on its own.

    Each piece in this third collection is signed, dated and numbered out of 47 (meaning only 47 of each piece will be made).

    Each piece has the make, model and year of the vehicle labeled on the back.

    Each piece has a certification of authenticity.

    Each piece has a registered Industrial Design number- making the design exclusive to Julie Witten-Land the designer # 128096