• Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable


    Title: Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable

    Size: 48" x 24"

    Medium: Acrylic and mixed

    Salvaged object: Squished cap

    Paintings with a Purpose:  A collection of paintings that aim to bring awareness and gratitude.

    The salvaged objects were my technical inspiration throughout this collection; however, the awakening of gratitude through these objects is my overall desire.

    My aim for each piece was to create a stand-alone, beautiful, interesting and captivating painting that is precisely composed with its different mark makings, mediums, colors, and rhythmic details to complement each salvaged object within its own expression.  

    Therefore no two paintings look similar because each salvaged object is different.  This made for a fun, yet challenging process for me - the artist, as I was always needing to reinvent my process and application of the different mediums.  Some salvaged pieces where sharp and angular which led to bolder sharp marks, while others where soft and organic in shape, which led to a more flowing and softer paint application.

    My hope is that the viewer may engage in each piece as they search amidst the colors,  details and brush strokes I have composed, and then to reflect upon the salvaged object that represents all the blessings one has in comparison to those across the world.