• 'Relationships' - 36" x 12" x 1.5"


    This pieces is a mixed media done on a metal canvas.

    The metal is steel and the paint is acrylic.

    title: 'Relationships'

    Relationships are the crux to our society.

    Relationships take time.

    Relationships are built on many different commonalities.

    Relationships are great memories.

    Relationships are a blessing.

    Relationships make a difference in people’s lives.

    Relationships are complex.

    Relationships take work.

    Relationships matter . . .  a lot.


    This piece evolved from a subconscious place in my heart, (my Dad and I both really like cars). Layers upon layers of images, textures and time, render this art piece as a tribute to the many memories and keen relationship I have with my Dad.  I find it perplexing and yet inherently treasured; that something so inanimate like a vehicle(s) and all that it offers (family trips, close quarters, frustrations, adventures, memories and love), can inadvertently draw people into an efficacious relationship.