• SOLD - 'Run for Yourself'


    Title: 'Run for Yourself'

    Size: 30" x 40" x .75"

    Medium: Acrylic and Mixed medium

    If you have ever ran a race before, this is a great mantra to repeat while training and through-out the race.

    It helped me remain calm and keep things (results) in the right perspective. Life (and races) are not about the end result but about the courage to try be "YOUR" best for "Yourself'.  Everyone's 'best' is different because everyone is coming from, and dealing with different ideals and circumstances - no two peoples lives are the same and so no race (life) can be the same. 

    I painted this as a sort of reminder for me and everyone else who agrees; 'Run 4 Yourself', not for anybody else. 

    Its your life- your race - live it to the fullest and don't worry about what others may think (or what place they came in :)

    We are all doing our BEST and that is what matters!